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Emojis And Web Design: A Recipe For Disaster?

Emojis And Web Design: A Recipe For Disaster?

Emojis are omnipresent. Whether you like it or not, they are a part of every internet conversation. And now, more web designers have started incorporating them into their websites. What once seemed like a crazy idea is becoming the norm. But should you use them? Emojis and web design: a recipe for disaster? Or?..

Emojis and web design

Emojis became a valuable tool in the hands of PR people quite a long time ago. They use them in emails, on websites, and in ads. And while it does look strange to some, it’s becoming the norm. 

Why? Emojis help you to telegraph an emotion. They create a certain appeal and help with messaging. But consider your target audience. I’ve seen emojis on all kinds of websites, but they all target tweens and young adults. A consulting agency or a bank will never use emojis. 

Emojis: a valuable tool in the right hands

Emojis can be a way of communicating your message, of making your brand seem more accessible. They help you grab the attention of a specific demographic. And they work great for informal brands. 

What’s more, failure to use an emoji correctly might hurt your message, especially among the younger crowd. 

Where can you use emojis?

Emojis are very good when you have an informal conversation. So, if you have a chat widget, you can use them there. It’s proven that reps who use emojis get better scores. 

In your content. This, once again, depends on what kind of a brand you are. And if you aren’t a serious business, you can use emojis in your text content. For example, use emojis instead of bullet points. It draws attention and doesn’t create confusion even among the older readers.

You can also utilize them in meta tags, but we advise you to be careful. Better leave emojis for your social media accounts. On Twitter, even respectable companies tend to use a more informal tone. 

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