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Everybody Runs Away From GoDaddy. Why?

Everybody Runs Away From Godaddy. Why?

Every website starts with a domain name. Every website needs a hosting provider. What to choose? GoDaddy seemed like a logical choice for a while, and yet everyone I speak to advises me to stay away. But why?

GoDaddy is a bad deal


GoDaddy is sly. When you first look at its prices, they seem decent. About $80 a year is not bad at all, but that’s not the price at all. That’s the price for the first year only. The service offers you a discount, which ends after a year, and after that, the price rises to an obnoxious $230. And the worse thing is, you’ll never know the actual cost until after you’ve already paid it.

There’s one thing GoDaddy is very good at, and it’s marketing. It’s aimed at unsuspecting and not particularly experienced people who want to build a website fast and easily. For most of its services, GoDaddy upsells, Even outright lies to its customers’ faces, saying that stuff like Office 365 is free when in reality, it’s only free for the first year.

Remember that there are options out there. Namecheap, in particular, if you need a domain name. For the .com domain, GoDaddy asks a price that’s already high by the industry standards, and then almost doubles it after two years!

Is GoDaddy the only villain? Of course not. We also suggest you stay clear of BlueHost as well. Basically, any hosting company from Newfold Digital is better avoided.

So what are the good choices? Listing the names of the ones we like will make this post seem like an ad, but there’s something to be said in favor of Google Domains. The prices are reasonable, the customer support is helpful, and it’s easy to use. Most people go to GoDaddy because of the recognizable brand. Well, why not choose Google, then?

(You can also use Porkbun, the name alone is worth it)

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