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Famous Web Design Companies’ Secret to Success

famous web design companies

There are many famous web design companies around you, boasting of a top-level reputation and plenty of customers. Their track record can sound too impressive to inspire you for a web design business. But the truth is that every large corporation with thousands of clients and millions of dollars in revenue started small once upon a time. So, you can also use the experience of famous web design companies to follow their path of growth.

In this article, we look into several famous web design companies’ success stories. Read on to see that every successful business typically has a humble start and grows only due to the staff’s dedication and effort.

Famous Web Design Companies: Top Performers’ Stories

So, how did famous web design companies start? Here are a few examples of a long and rewarding business setup journey.

Beluga Lab

Founded in 2012, Beluga Lab was an outcome of two friends and IT enthusiasts’ wish to facilitate businesses’ transition to the digital space. Aleks offered his profound expertise in sales, while Yev contributed experience in programming and project development to give clients an ideal business offer – websites that attract clients and revenue.


A San-Francisco company founded in 2003, CISIN is currently one of the most famous web design companies across the USA and globally. Its mission is to empower and improve the lives of billions of technology users with innovative digital solutions. The enterprise started small in 2003, and its first major milestone was the start of web design service delivery to British companies in 2004.

Success was quick, as digital and IT services were in high demand in the early 2000s. Thus, CISIN moved to a 3,000 square feet office in 2005 and already had an in-house staff of 20+ employees. In 2006, the team already included 50+ people. The 2009 recession broke out unexpectedly. But CISIN never laid off any of its staff members. It used solid marketing strategies to stay afloat. Now the company hosts a workforce of 500+ office employees and thousands of outsourced professionals, with several offices across the USA and in India.

500 Designs

This California-based company has been in operation since 2014, currently employing 100+ UX/UI specialists, web designers, and developers. It’s famous for its SaaS negotiation platform setup and in-depth marketing expertise.  Its founders, Stephen Brett and Vivienne Piong, are creative and dedicated specialists in innovative technology and IT service. So, they partnered to expand their brainchild to its current state.

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