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FAQ Page 101: How To Make An FAQ Page That Actually Works

An FAQ page is something that has managed to survive decades of web development. Guestbooks and splash pages have been long gone, but FAQ pages are here to stay. Customers love them, and search engines, too. But how to make a page that is actually helpful?

FAQ page 101

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is something most websites have. It’s a place where you can address the common questions your customer can have. A good FAQ page can do much more than answer questions: it can alleviate your customer’s anxiety, improve your SEO score, prevent user complaints, and even relieve your support team of additional workload.

That is, of course, if your page is actually designed well. There are a few tips we can share to make the process more straightforward.

First of all, the list of questions and answers must start with the most popular questions. The users don’t have the patience for long lists, and most of them have the same question. For this, use customer support tickets, surveys, feedback forms, or analytics to understand what questions need answers.

Second, make sure your FAQ page is in the best place possible. It must be clearly seen and labeled accordingly. You can call it Help or Support if you wish.

Third, don’t overdesign the page. Content and convenience matter here, so try to make it as legible as possible. Use consistent font style, bullet points, lists, and tables. The content must be easy to digest for a person and a search engine.

Fourth, be ready for the users who won’t be happy anyways. You can’t predict every single question, and sometimes you’ll have to deal with a frustrated visitor. But remember: a frustrated customer is better than no customer. That’s why you must include contact info (and a call to action!) on your FAQ page. Chances are, a minor misunderstanding prevents your client from making a sale.

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