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Figma Is Sold. So What Are The Best Figma Alternatives?

Figma Is Sold. So What Are The Best Figma Alternatives?

Figma has been the king of collaborative web applications for years, and now, after getting acquired by Adobe, it’s set for world dominance. But a lot of its users, both new and old, feel iffy about the deal. In fact, a lot of them liked Figma because it was NOT a part of the Adobe ecosystem. So are there any Figma alternatives?

Figma is sold. So what are the best Figma alternatives?

The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer is “yes, there are quite a lot of them.”

But which are the best? Well, it depends on you. Some people prefer only open-source apps. Some just want their tools to be independent of Adobe. Today we are listing a little bit of everything.


Not a famous app, by all means, Penpot is very promising nonetheless. It is open source, web-based, and works with open standards. It already has a passionate community that’s expecting a big boost in numbers after Figma’s acquisition. 


Apps, websites, components — Framer is god for everything. It offers intuitive UI, tons of assets, and quite a few tutorials. It’s also loved by more than 8K people on Discord, which says a lot.


We weren’t sure about including Sketch because it differs from Figma in a lot of ways. Firstly, it’s a desktop app and not a web app. It’s also only available on macOS, which limits its compatibility. And yet, it’s extremely powerful and popular — very much worth a look. By the way, have you heard about Freeform? Apple’s newest app that’s about to debut merges InVision’s Freehand and Figma’s FigJam, and makes it totally free… for Apple users, of course. You can read more about it here.


Moqups is quite the app for prototyping. It’s amazing for creating flowcharts, storyboards, and the like. We really like the option to simulate the UX It’s a web app, compatible with every platform. 

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