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Figma vs Adobe XD — Which Tool To Use?

Figma vs Adobe XD — Which Tool To Use?

Designers swear by the tools they use, and once they have a favorite, they don’t let go. When it comes to UI/UX design, no battle is as fierce as that of Figma vs Adobe XD (initially Adobe Experience Design). But which one is better for you?

Figma vs Adobe XD — Main differences

Let’s start with the fact that both Figma and XD are industry-leading choices, but in terms of popularity, Figma reigns supreme. It has a much bigger community and a lot more plugins and templates. Most reacted emotionally when asked about what is better, pointing at Figma as the best option. It’s almost a personal choice for people we asked, especially now after certain events.

But why?

Why people prefer Figma — and what prompted Adobe to buy it

From the very start, Adobe XD had been losing the battle (it had a 32% market share, while XD had about 15%), and after a few years, Adobe finally used the most powerful weapon it had — money, to buy Figma. But what made Adobe’s own app inferior? Despise being relatively simple to use, it has never been more than a basic app compared with Figma and its plethora of plugins. At first, XD was better at prototyping, but not anymore.

The designers we asked about Figma confirmed that for them, it’s better at most things: design systems with tokens, component libraries, plugins, versatility, collaborating, etc.

Another strong suit of Figma — and for some, the most important feature — is the fact that it works out of a browser (it also has a separate installer if you want it). It doesn’t care about system specs and allows you to work anywhere, from laptops on Linux to tablets. That ease of use and versatility is unparalleled.

Why Adobe XD lost

Another point we keep hearing is that Adobe never cared about XD in the first place. Well, at least that’s what many of us felt when using it: bugs and glitches that plague the app have been there for years with no fixes. This state of neglect led to more and more developers leaving for Figma.

Figma in 2023 and beyond

It’s fair to say that Adobe XD won’t live for long: even though it’s used by a lot of professionals, Adobe’s focus will be on Figma as its flagship app for UI/UX design. But will the users stay? We’ve already discussed the alternatives, which are on the rise.

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