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GitHub Profile: How To Stand Out?

GitHub Profile: How To Stand Out?

Looking to find a job as a developer? A GitHub profile will definitely come in handy. But not every profile is equal: some know how to make an excellent first impression, the others have no idea what’s wrong. Let us help you today.

What is your GitHub profile missing?


First, tick all the important boxes: add a profile image, your bio, your job status, and links to your website or a blog. Don’t forget to go to the settings and make your email visible. 

Never forget about the contribution chart. Most of the time, it’s the first thing your visitors look at. A chart shows a recruiter how hard-working you are and how much you love your work. It should never look sporadic — it’s a dead giveaway to a recruiter. People want someone consistent, so post a lot.

Another essential part of a profile is your repositories. Make sure they are tidy and make a good impression. And don’t forget about your ReadMe profile!

What’s ReadMe? It’s a way to explain your code — even for those who aren’t ready to decode whatever it is you made. Don’t forget to fill in every description field. Imagine the ReadMe profile as the place where you’re selling two things: yourself and the code. 

And the last tip is always to check up on your opposition. Look at the other profiles, and imitate some of them. It’s all about the presentation. 

The main advice? Your profile should set you apart from everyone but remain accessible and tidy. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a recruiter. Now try to make an impression.

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