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Gmail Shortcuts: How To Use Email Like a Pro

Gmail Shortcuts: How To Use Email Like A Pro

Email might be old technology, but it’s still invaluable for work. If you spend a lot of time writing and replying to emails, you might as well learn some tricks, don’t you think? So, today we will learn Gmail shortcuts.

Gmail shortcuts. Why bother?

When it comes to shortcuts, most people I know either love them or treat them like it’s a knowledge that will take them years to learn. It’s so much effort, they say. Well, that is silly. You can spend literally a few minutes to learn them, and that will help you save half an hour every day. 

What shortcuts are worth learning

First of all, there are a LOT of those, and we won’t be learning them all. Most of them aren’t that helpful, anyways. Today I’ll be listing the ones that I personally found useful. Maybe they will help you, too?

So, the first one is the mother of them all because it… shows all the shortcuts. Just press Shift + ? and you’ll see the list of every command. 

Next, you can use Shift + 8 + U to select all unread messages. Hit E afterward to archive them immediately! 

Want to start working on a new message? Just press C! 

You can also press / to start searching for a specific message. 

To start replying to an email immediately, just press R. You can respond to all persons attached to a conversation, press A. To forward an email… you guessed it, press F. To mark the message you’re reading Unread, press Shift and then U. To mark the message as important, press =.

Jump to the new email by pressing K, go back by pressing J.

When composing an email, you can press Command + K to add a link, Command + Shift + 8 to add a bullet point, and Command + Shift + 7 to add a numbered list. 

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