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Golden Rules a Mobile Website Design Company Should Never Break

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The world is going mobile. Roughly 50% of all Internet traffic is mobile traffic, while more and more people opt for smartphones and tablets rather than computers and laptops. The same goes for the web design and development market. Mobile web designers are gradually becoming more and more sought-after since more businesses start focusing on mobile users. If you plan to create a website with a mobile-first web design, you are just right on time. But how would you choose the right mobile website design company?

How can you tell the difference between non-professional and professional responsive web design services? The answer is simple. Every expert team of web designers knows and follows golden rules when designing a website, while amateurs avoid them. So what are these rules?

Golden rules a mobile website design company should never break

Optimizing content

When entering a website, mobile users spend less time on web pages than desktop users do. For that reason, the most important information should always be on the top, while long blocks of text are not recommended at all.

Creating predictable navigation

Sometimes, a mobile website design company can try to come up with some innovative navigation patterns. In short, it is a bad idea since you need to make sure that your website visitors are familiar with the mechanisms of mobile navigation. In this case, it is nothing but reinventing the wheel.

No horizontal scrolling and zooming

If your website has horizontal scrolling and zooming, it is not a mobile-oriented website. These elements of design are counterproductive because they make users waste their most important resource – time.

No roadblocks

Let’s be honest, everyone hates pop-ups. The user experience should be consistent and coherent, so please do not allow a mobile website design company to create large banners that distract readers. Everything has its place, especially in mobile web design.

Efficient form design

A form is one of the most important types of interaction for website users. Whether it is a registration form or checkout box, the process of filling out a field must be as pain-free as possible. Using form automation solutions might well be a good start at making your website audience’s life easier.

These mobile web design rules exist for good reason. The fact is that it is simply impossible to create a fully responsive website without following these principles. Make sure you hire a mobile website design company that respects those rules and does everything possible to stick to them.

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