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Google Ads New Policy: Don’t Be Lazy When Designing Landing Pages

Google Ads new policy: Don’t be lazy when designing landing pages

Landing pages are a great tool for driving conversions and marketing campaigns. Wherever you go, whatever you click, the odds are, you will land on a landing page. But not every such page is created equal, and the new Google Ads policy makes it clear that low-effort landing pages with intrusive advertising will result in account suspension. So… what to do?

Google Ads new policy

Google is always changing something. This fall, Google Ads is adding a new policy concerting landing pages. Now every owner of such a page must meet better standards. What does it mean for you? If your landing page is not up to Coalition For Better Ads’ standards, your ad will be disapproved. 

So, if you Google Ads for promoting anything, make sure there are no intrusive ads, as well as pop-ups, flashing images, autoplaying videos, ad blocks that block the main content, etc. 

Strong landing page: our tips

A landing page is typically concise, with a single point. It has to drive a point home, sell something, or motivate. It needs a strong structure and easy-to-read content. Use high-quality images — video is accepted, too, but make sure it’s not an ad with the sound on by default. 

A good copy is also extremely important. In fact, it’s much more useful than annoying flashing ads that Google wants you to get rid of. Good copy sells. A strong call-to-action (CTA) is also something you can’t forget.

And last but not least are testimonials. Any landing page needs those: people always want to see the “proof” that your services or products are worth it. Thanks to reviews, especially those with actual info and details, they are more likely to follow your CTA. 

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