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Google Analytics Explained: Our Tips And Tricks

Google Analytics Explained

You cannon overestimate just how important it is to track visitor information. Stats like that are essential if you want to improve your website and reach a wider audience. There are a lot of tools to gauge user behavior, but the most popular is Google Analytics. You probably used it before, and today we’ll share some tips.

You need Google Analytics for basic things like knowing exactly how many people are visiting your site every day, as well as tracking what they’re doing. What’s the bounce rate, what navigational elements work, and what don’t. And how much time do people usually spend — tons of info can help you fix what’s broken. And if you recently launched a marketing campaign, Google Analytics will tell you just how successful it is.

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Google Analytics explained: tips and tricks


Exclude internal traffic

One thing is for sure: you don’t want to skew your own stats. For that to not happen, you need to block your IP address from showing in Google Analytics. Otherwise, it will be hard to explain the sudden spikes in user activity. Thankfully, making sure your own employees don’t show up in the data is fairly easy: just create a filter that blocks your IP address. 

Use email to get detailed reports

Logging in to your Google Analytics account can be bothersome, but thankfully there’s another way to stay informed. Just go to the settings and find a toggle that allows you to receive weekly (or monthly) reports. There are even alert tools that inform via email about sudden spikes of activity and other events. 


Traffic will always fluctuate, and sometimes you will know the reason. You could have started a marketing campaign, bought some ads, or simply had a major issue with your hosting service. You can use Google Analytics to annotate these dips so that your team will know what happened on a particular day. Annotations can be either shared or private. 

AI-Powered Insights

The latest version of Google Analytics uses AI-powered insights to provide you with more info and actions. Take, for example, predictive metrics that show purchase probabilities, revenue predictions, and much more, resulting in better ROI. Moreover, Google supports cookie-less tracking, which used to be impossible. 

Custom dashboards

Tired of the same old info you don’t actually need? Create a custom dashboard and view the data that’s relevant to you. It can save you time.

User explorer

While you can’t identify people in Google Analytics, you can research the behavior of individual users. That allows you to track their sessions and see what pages they interacted with. It’s not as helpful as heat maps, but still pretty insightful.

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