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Google Bard Is (Kinda) Out. It Has a Long Way to Go

Google Bard Is (Kinda) Out. It’s Not That Good

Blink if you’re tired of AI content. We know we are, but we can’t just ignore the revolution that’s going on around us, right? While ChatGPT remains the main scoop-maker, we are beginning to get access to its alternatives — mainly Google Bard, which we discussed earlier. So, is it any good?

First of all, let’s us start by saying that it’s still too early to judge. That alone is damning on its own: nobody was waiting to rate ChatGPT. That thing blew up immediately.

But Google Bard is… like we expected, really. There’s nothing ChatGPT or Bing haven’t done before. In fact, Google’s attempt at catching up looks unpolished and rushed. When tested, it declined to share citations. With time the situation changes a tad, and now you can get the source of information — even though “Google It” is still the default way to get more detailed info.

Even after all this progress, we’re still in the early stages of a long Al journey. As more people start to use Bard and test its capabilities, they’ll surprise us. Things will go wrong. But the user feedback is critical to improving the product and the underlying technology.
We’ve taken a responsible approach to development, including inviting 10,000 trusted testers from various backgrounds and perspectives, and we’ll continue to welcome all the feedback that’s about to come our way. We will learn from it and keep iterating and improving. — Sundar Pichai (via CNBC)

We also know that Bard doesn’t always share Google’s views on SEO policy. It goes against the guidelines without much problem. It’s also quite bad at helping with SEO: it returned half-gibberish when asked to provide a list of keywords. We are pretty sure it will get better in that regard, but as it stands, it’s in a rough shape.

We kinda hoped to be wowed: after all, it is Google we are talking about. With the world’s most powerful search engine, Bard should be able to be faster, more accurate and more knowledgeable, but so far, it’s quite the opposite.

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