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Google Maps: Ways To Use It To Your Business’ Advantage

Google Maps: Ways To Use It To Your Business’ Advantage

We’ve been talking about Google Search for ages, and it makes sense: most of the time, it makes or breaks websites. But businesses have another Google service they must keep in mind: Google Maps, a powerful tool for discovering nearby stores and services. Have you questioned yourself just how visible you are on Maps? You should’ve. Today we’re talking about ways of making oneself seen on the most popular mapping platform.


The first thing you have to optimize is your GBP — or Google Business Profile. It’s easy: just search for your brand’s name and verify the listing. Now editing info is easy, and Google will know for sure if it’s legit. But we’re only starting: just existing is not enough, and you must keep active to get noticed.

Post updates

As we said, Google (and, well, people) loves when a business is active in Google Maps. That means regular updates about anything: sales, offers, events. Add images to make it look even better.

Respond to your reviews

Some businesses are wary of appearing in Google Maps because the reviews might be unflattering. Well, in that case, you know where to improve. Meanwhile, reviews are a powerful tool with more potential than any ads. Google pays a lot of attention to how many reviews are there (indicates popularity) and especially to how often you yourself reply to them. Even if your business experiences issues, swift replies will negate the potential disaster and show that you care.

Activity within the community

Being active is the key, but it also means partaking in various social events. Local presence is significant, and Google appreciates it when you’re an important part of the community. You can and should post promoted content, partner with local organizations, and get yourself mentioned on others’ profiles.


Every business needs a citation. The more, the better. What’s that? It’s a record of your business that indicates your name, contact information, and address. If your store appears on a good site, it boosts your Maps rankings. So try to find a specific site related to you and get your citation.

And don’t forget that consistency is paramount: if there are different variations of your address info on the web, do whatever it takes to unify them. It’s so important that there are platforms that can help you with finding and editing information about your business.

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