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Google SEO Updates: Walls Of Text Are No More?

Google SEO updates

Back in the day (not that long, actually), we believed that more = better when it comes to text content. Huge articles, extensive research materials, or, more often than not, empty content with tons of padding were all the rage, all in the name of SEO. Now, it seems, length is no longer a strength: Google is testing the new labels than indicate a significant shift. And we suggest paying attention: Google SEO updates are not to be ignored.

Google SEO updates: Walls of text are no more?

Yours truly is quite fond of the long format: I happen to think that reading is good, and if you have something to say, you can say it without limiting yourself. But only if you have something to say. And Google thinks so, too: in 2022, the length of the text no longer matters. Word count doesn’t matter when it comes to ranking. 

It doesn’t mean that long-form content is harmful, but it no longer matters.

In fact, Google is testing the new <5 Min Read label that will appear in the search results. Why? To attract users to easily digestible information with no padding. Brevity is what matters now — not the ability to go on and on and on.

We don’t know yet if this new change will become a permanent feature, but any shift in SERPs is essential. The faster you are to react, the better.  

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