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Google’s Policy Circumvention Is No Joke: Ignore It, And Your Site Is Toast

Google’s Policy Circumvention Is No Joke: Ignore It, And Your Site Is Toast

Oh, Google, what would we do without you? The indispensable search engine is making changes every week, and this time, it tackled spam. We hate spam, but sometimes what we do might be considered as such. Beware: find a way to get around Policy Circumvention, and you’ll be sorry. Yes, it’s that serious.

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Policy Circumvention is a big deal


So what is Policy Circumvention? Basically, it’s a new spam policy. Nothing changed tech-wise, but now Google promises to be even more ruthless with those able to bypass its spam prevention system.

No judging here, but just know that if you decide to find a way around the spam policy, Google will find you and… ban you. It’s serious stuff: those found guilty will find their site blacklisted from SERP. And that’s basically a death sentence. 

And what constitutes bypassing the policy? Anything you can think of, like alternative means of distributing content, use of third-party sites or completely new ones, etc. 

It’s essential knowledge for anyone working with SEO. It’s good knowledge for the newbies, too: never try to outsmart the search engine or manipulate it in any way. What works today will get you banned tomorrow. Be smart about SEO, and never choose the easy way of doing things. 

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