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Graphic Design vs. Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide

graphic design vs. web design

Many laypersons consider design as a single process, falsely believing that graphic design vs. web design distinctions are minimal. As a result, such non-professionals fall prey to wrongly formulated instructions. They risk paying twice for the work they need to be done with their website. Here the experts of the Beluga Lab web agency disclose the intricacies of choosing graphic design vs. web design and explain how to determine the variant you really need.

Graphic Design vs. Web Design Explained

Let’s start with the definitions. Graphic design is primarily about the visual component of your website. A graphic designer creates appealing graphics and chooses fonts for your design. They also see how fonts combine with images and other visual elements on the pages. This specialist can develop a suitable logo for you and can tell whether the visual hierarchy of your website is fine.

In contrast, a web designer is much more concerned about the website’s functionality. Web designers’ core goal is to improve the user experience by making the website intuitive and user-friendly. They frame layouts and organize the web resource’s entire UI.

As you can see, choosing graphic design vs. web design is essential as the former is only about visual looks, while the latter is about a visual organization of a web resource.

Graphic Design vs. Web Design: Key Differences

Now let’s proceed to delineate the key differences surfacing during the graphic design vs. web design comparison.

  • Web design is dynamic, and graphic design is more static in nature.
  • Only web design includes the feature of interactivity.
  • Graphic designers have much more freedom in experimenting with fonts, as the font use in web design is still quite restrained.
  • Graphic designers usually study at design courses. Web designers also need to master various programming languages, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Graphic designers strive to make images high-resolution and high-quality. Web designers need to seek a balance between quality and file size for the sake of quick load times.

What Type of Design Do You Need?

So, when choosing between graphic and web design, you need to answer a question: do you need a visual product only, or should it be functional at your web resource? Web designers’ work is typically continuous, with numerous updates and improvements done underway to make the website more appealing to users. If you develop a visual brand or a logo for your business, a graphic design agency will be of much help. If you need a dynamic, trendy, and speedy website for business or personal use, then going for the web designer’s service seems much more suitable.

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