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How Does Page Design Contribute to Loading Speed?

page design

There’s nothing worse for a user than a slowly loading website. It may take ages to see the major parts of the menu and start using the resource somehow. Naturally, users quickly abandon such digital resources for those with a more optimal page design and loading speed, taking their money with them.

So, what lies underneath the slow loading speed problem? On the surface, you might think of the slow Internet connection or poor code of the web resource. But that’s not always the case. At times, the problem may arise from the page design, which a skilled web developer can correct with minimal effort.

Here we consider the most evident page design problems that slow down the majority of websites and prevent you from unpacking the full potential of your web resource.

#1 JavaScript Issues

Several issues with site speed can be concealed in JavaScript. A web developer could have added a render-blocking JavaScript code, which delays the page loading time. In other cases, it can be the poorly written or bulky JavaScript code that slows everything down.

#2 Media Files

It often happens that web designers fill the website with large, unoptimized media files (audio, video, or photo content) that slow down the loading speed and prevent the website’s proper functioning.

#3 Hosting and Server Issues

You could have made the wrong choice when selecting the hosting provider. If their servers experience too many requests at the same time, they cannot process queries effectively, thus causing major delays in your website’s operations.

#4 CMS

The core of the problem may also lie in the use of outdated CMSs. If your platform is old-fashioned and monolithic, it’s simply not suitable for quick information processing.

#5 Technical Issues

As for the technical rubbish, it can come from different sources – non-scalable updates, too many plugins, missing files, or a non-functional CSS. All these issues require a careful audit and troubleshooting to give your website a speed boost.

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