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How Much Does It Cost to Own an HTML Site?

HTML site

Once you’ve decided to set up an HTML site for your work operations, you might think of its management in overly simplistic terms. Some people consider only web development and hosting costs. But what about the rest of the hidden costs that having a web resource comes with? You can hardly avoid the trouble of paying twice (or even more) the sum you initially planned to pay if you fail to consider these additional HTML site management issues.

Components of the HTML Site Cost

Web design experts have a term for the full, comprehensive list of aspects comprising HTML site (or any other site) management – total cost of ownership, or TCO. Thus, the TCO concept is complex, covering both obvious costs (e.g., domain name, hosting, web design) and hidden costs. Let’s take a closer look at the hidden costs you may often overlook when budgeting for your HTML site.

#1 Updates

No HTML site can function in its original form, the one it had upon the first launch to the digital space. All websites require updates for optimization of work, troubleshooting, and the addition of new, innovative features. Customers don’t like overwhelming updates, but they still favor the continuous improvement of performance and speeding up of the website’s operations. So, you need to include updates in the cost structure at once.

#2 Re-platforming

It often happens that one technology grows obsolete, and you need to re-platform your digital resource for better functionality. For instance, you might want to switch from server-based operations to cloud-based ones. If you use SaaS platforms, the cost of migration will be meager, but other systems’ use may require the redevelopment of many features to ensure a smooth integration.

#3 Troubleshooting

No HTML site is ideal, and you need to factor in the cost of occasional troubleshooting and constant maintenance. You can turn to the web developer for this help or hire a separate firm to handle these issues, but anyway you will need to pay for the service. Thus, troubleshooting may often come as a significant aspect of website management expenditures.

#4 Customization

No matter how strongly people like customization, it often comes at a huge cost for the business owner. Using white-label or ready-made solutions for HTML site design is a much more affordable option. It suits startups with limited budgets, but as soon as you grow for market differentiation and want to develop a unique brand identity, a customized website becomes a must.

Factor In All the Costs

As it comes from this review, HTML site management can turn out much costlier than you initially supposed. Don’t let those unexpected issues stop your business development. Plan the web design budget thoroughly, and you will avoid the hassle of overspending on your website.

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