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How to Become a Web Developer in NYC?

web developer in NYC

If you look through our blog, you will find much useful information and some killer tips for web design beginners. Today, we want to focus on another flip of the coin – website development. Since there are stark differences between web developers and web designers, job requirements and skills needed for each occupation differ markedly. So, how to become a web developer in NYC and not to lose your head in the big world of web development?

Do you need education?

The first question arising when you want to become an NYC web developer is whether you need formal education. There is no specific degree directly giving you job-oriented knowledge. However, you can find lots of boot camps and courses on the Internet, though they don’t vouchsafe your chances to become the best web developer too.

Still, if you are aiming at becoming an accomplished professional, it is strongly recommended that you earn at least a minimal degree in the related fields, such as computer science or information science. That will certainly give a boost to your educational process.

What skills do you require to become a web developer in NYC?

Now, it’s time to deliberate over the core of your success in becoming a website developer in New York. Before we provide you with the list of the required skills, keep in mind that web developers are mainly divided into front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers. Each position means another set of skills, so think twice what kind of web developer in NYC you want to become.


  • Programming (“high-level”) languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, etc.
  • Markup languages: HTML and XML
  • Style sheet languages: CSS

All these would be useful, but be sure to check their specification so that you can concentrate on a specific field of web development.

Libraries and frameworks

You should know how to work with libraries and frameworks. These are the sets of prewritten codes and functions used in coding to speed up the process of web development.


Git and GitHub are sacred tools for every web developer in NYC. They come across as the systems for storing, versioning, and managing your code. That’s how you enhance the quality of your code with time.

Of course, there is much more to be learned for improving your success, but the recommendations above will be a good start if you are planning to become a website developer in NYC. Good luck!

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