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How To Block A Website On iPhone (And Android)

How To Block A Website On iPhone (And Android)

We at Beluga love websites, but we understand that sometimes certain websites are better avoided, whether it’s a social network that’s ruining your productivity or a certain page you want your child to avoid. So, here’s how to block a website on iPhone.

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How to block a website on iPhone

Thankfully, blocking a website is both easy and quick on an iOS device — and it doesn’t even require you to use a third-party app, which is always a bonus. All you need to do is go to the Settings app and find Screen Time. It allows you to enable certain restrictions, including locking access to any web content. For example, you can exclude all adult websites. And if you want only to allow specific URLs, you can do that in the Content Restriction menu under Web Content.

You can also block certain apps or restrict the amount of time you can dedicate to them.

On Android

Android devices are different. First of all, most phones have somewhat different settings, and finding one solution for every device is impossible. But all Android phones and tablets support third-party apps that do a good job.

BlockSite is a good option: it lets you not only limit adult websites but also set a schedule of when specific URLs won’t be accessible — great for chronic procrastinators. Other options include Firewalls (like NoRoot Firewall), special security apps, and specific browser settings.

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