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How To Create A Dazzling Animated Menu

How to create a dazzling animated menu

If you remember the era of the 00s internet, you surely remember Flash. It was everywhere, allowing web designers to go wild when creating websites. Crazy animations, sound effects, and truly extreme concepts were fun, but that era is gone — for better or for worse. And yet, it was fun; many of us still want to bring back some of the wackiness. Today we’re discussing the ways to animate a menu.

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How to create a dazzling animated menu

Before we start, here’s a disclaimer: the times of flashing and animated websites are gone and replaced by the age of accessibility. Some might think those are “less fun,” but hey, the more people can access your website, the better. And flashy menus, like we’re discussing today, are usually bad for accessibility (WCAG 2.0). Be careful when going overboard when trying to impress everyone with your skills.

Flash is gone, but there are a lot of powerful tools. The easiest way to build an animated menu and make it truly interactive is to use some of those. Let’s see what options are there.

  • Some of the popular sites are still using Snap SVG Animator, which works, but is not really supported anymore. It allows for a fun effect found on the Media Molecule’s website. SVGs are excellent and allow for some fantastic tricks. Raster images have nothing on them!
  • The alternative would be SVGator (there’s a free and paid version) or Lottie. 
  • The other free option is Snap.svg. But free means harder to learn. 
  • There’s also an option to use Java animation libraries like Anime.js or GSAP from GreenSock. 

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