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How To Create A Wiki

How To Create A Wiki

Wikis are fun. What do you mean by “they are not”? They surely are. Wiki websites can be a platform for discussion, sharing, and blogging. Not everyone needs a wiki, but sometimes it’s great to have an option. So, today we’re discussing how to create a wiki.

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How to create a wiki

Some people make bespoke wikis, but I suggest you try one of the established software to make your life easier. MediaWiki is the biggest, being the one behind Wikipedia. But most people are good with smaller platforms, like DocuWiki, PmWiki, MediaWiki, TiddlyWiki, and WikkaWikki. 

Many such platforms are open-source, but if you are ready for something more serious, you might give Tettra a try. It’s easy to manage and very powerful, with a plethora of analytics tools. No coding required!

The rest is easy. Organize your wiki by categories to make it easy to use. Look at the other wikis to understand the structure and architecture. Don’t forget about tags.

The next important thing is to have people who can work on it. Wikis are great for groups of people — doing everything by yourself is impossible. Wikis are meant to be open for everyone who can edit and add information. If you have no other contributors, maybe it’s better to start a blog instead.

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