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How To Find Out What Font Is Used On A Website

How To Find Out What Font Is Used On A Website

Fonts are essential to website design, but choosing the right one is not always easy. Typography matters a lot, and wrong choices can be harmful. Usually trying to come up with new designs, we look at the other sites to find inspiration and “borrow” some of the elements. That’s why the question “how to find out what font is used on a website” is so important. Today we answer it.

How to find out what font is used on a website

If you’ve found a perfect font you have to use, there are a few ways of finding its name. With every new year, new tricks and utilities appear, but generally, all the methods stay the same.

The first one is the Browser Inspector Tool. All browsers will have a tool like that, possibly under a different name. When it comes to Chrome, you can right-click on a page and select Inspect. Next, choose the piece of text you need, click the “Computed” tab, and look for “font-family.” That is where you’ll find the name. 

Browser Extensions

While the method we described works, it’s a bit of a hassle. Doing that all the time is time-consuming, so there are alternatives. Browser extensions are an excellent way of finding the same info quicker, and they don’t require a tutorial.

Generally, there are a lot of such tools, but we prefer Font Finder, Font Identifier, and Fonts Ninja — at least when it comes to Chrome. Firefox has its own set of tools, like WhatFont, Font Finder, and Fonts Ninja. All of them generally work the same. And for Safari, there are not many options: sadly, when it comes to extensions, it’s always lagging behind. 

Tools that detect fonts in images

It’s relatively easy to find a font embedded in a page, but what about images? That’s where you need font finders. There are many of those, but the most reliable is Matcherator or WhatTheFont. 

And when nothing works, you can always ask around. Places like r/identifythisfont on Reddit can be quite helpful.

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