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How To Find Web Design Clients — Tips For Those Who Are Only Getting Started

How To Find Web Design Clients

Are you new to web design? Are you desperate for your first clients? We’ve all been there. Finding your first clients can be a humbling experience — nerve-racking, too. Today, we are sharing tips on how to find web design clients if you’re only starting.

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How to find web design clients

No matter how good you are, you are not in business without clients and reviews. That’s why finding your first client is essential. It’s a start of a challenging but rewarding journey. But since everyone wants experience, not many people are prepared to give you a chance you deserve. What to do?

Start locally — or not

Many designers that we know start locally by helping mom-and-pop shops. It’s a great way to start easy, with no real pressure. Sure, the money won’t be great, but it’s your chance to get some experience and referrals.

And what if you don’t want to work for pennies? Don’t target mom-and-pop stores and go directly after business owners. We’re not talking big businesses, so you better limit yourself to firms with about ten employees. Information about businesses is freely available. And here is the most important part: ignore companies without websites. Instead, target those with ancient sites that need modernizing.

Freelance job sites

Most people search for experienced designers, and you won’t get any big orders until you have a dew dozens of quotes. But if you start little, you’ll be able to find a decent income. Some clients look specifically for beginners who can get the job done but won’t ask for much. Read job descriptions and find the one best suited for you.

Use social media

Freelance platforms are great, but you also can’t underestimate social networks. Search for phrases about hiring a web designer, and you’ll find new jobs. Start sending DMs — unlike Upwork, you’re not limited on Twitter. LinkedIn is also great for finding work, but please make sure your portfolio stands out.

Pick a niche and stick to it

What do you do? Websites? Wrong! Try to be more specific. Say that you specialize in corporate websites, have a portfolio of similar sites at the ready, and you’ll find many more clients. Usually, people prefer to find specialists who know their field, so targeting similar sites will massively help you. Remember: people talk, and with every new successful job, you’ll get recommended to more and more potential clients. It’s great when you can become the go-to guy for the whole industry!

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