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How To Get Credit Card Payments On Your Website

How To Get Credit Card Payments On Your Website

Every business needs to have a website, and every eCommerce company should be able to sell products. That means having payment functionality. But how do you add it? Today we’ll tell you how to get credit card payments on your website.

How to get credit card payments on your website

Nobody wants to add payment gateways because they are a massive headache. They are hard to do right, and you need to integrate a payment service provider for them to work.

The easiest way is to use a platform with the already established eCommerce solution. Shopify is a leader because it allows you to customize your store fully and simplifies all financial integrations. That means that after a short period of tinkering, you’ll be able to give your clients a way to use a shopping cart and pay for products in any way they would like. Shopify uses PayPal for all financial operations, but you also can use third-party solutions like Stripe.

Even if you have a website on WordPress, you can embed Shopify there. Or you can use Stripe with your own website. That’s one way to get stay more independent of specialized platforms. Stripe is not as easy to set up, but it allows you to customize everything. That way, your users will never leave your website until they make a purchase.

We’ve already mentioned PayPal. It’s yet another easy way to get credit card payments on your website, and it’s somewhat easier to set up than Stripe. There are other options like Square or 2Checkout.

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