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How To Keep Working No Matter What? Music Might Be The Answer

How To Keep Working No Matter What? Music Might Be The Answer

The creative process is different for each of us. For a lot of designers and even developers, being creative is work. And like any work, it can get tiring. We have found that music might just be the thing to help you keep working when it seems like your head is completely empty.

How To Keep Working No Matter What?

A disclaimer: overworking yourself is never good. We all know that it’s harmful, but sometimes a project requires you to put in extra hours, to the detriment of your health and social life. 

When going gets hard, we employ different tactics. Coffee is one way of fighting it. Regular breaks are another. But we found music to be the most beneficial of all. 

We won’t say what music works best precisely because the answer will differ for each of us. Mark might love blasting death metal while coding, while Jennie is all about video game soundtracks. No matter what, having music in the background allows us to feel more at home.

There are different studies. Some, like the one published by Applied Cognitive Psychology in 2019, argue that music actually makes us perform worse while doing creative tasks. But even though the music does not enhance your creativity, it has a lot of passive positive effects. It’s stimulating and comforting — just what you need after another pleasant discussion with a client. It also lowers anxiety, allowing you to put those negative thoughts behind you.

When your head feels empty, and you want to give up, music can clear your mind and even help you develop a fresh idea. Try it.

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