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How To Make A Gaming Website

How To Make A Gaming Website

Sometimes it feels like gaming is what drives the internet these days. Some of the biggest sites are dedicated to video games, and the possibilities of affiliate marketing are huge. But where to start, and how to even make a gaming website? Here are our tips.

How to make a gaming website

Before starting, think about the kind of content you’re planning on posting. Content is the most important thing — not the design or SEO optimization. Review sites are always popular, but they require a certain reputation. You can’t review games you buy yourself — you need a team and contacts with the major publishers. Better start small — as a blogging site, for example.

Gaming blogs are always popular and contain anything from small-form reviews to news articles. You can also write about the pro sector — it’s getting bigger every year.

The next thing is your domain name. Choose wisely here, as it can become a brand in itself. A memorable and short name is great for search engine optimization. Try using keyword research utilities to find the best ones. 

Now you have to think about your content management system (CMS). Which one is the best? We recommend WordPress. It’s easy to learn and maintain and offers numerous themes to choose from.

And the rest is the hardest part. Building websites is not hard today, but finding a way to stand out is another matter. You’ve got to have a theme. You need something to “hook” your users with. And you’ve got to have content — something people want to read. Something exclusive. It takes time — years, even — to make a name for yourself, to make the publishers notice. It’s possible, but it’s never easy.

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