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How To Present A Client With A Website Design?

How To Present A Client With A Website Design?

You know you worked hard. Your website design is ready, and it’s the best one yet. You’re ready to share it with the client, so you save your presentation, attach it to an email and click “send.” Done? Well, you just lost yourself a client. Today we’ll tell you how to present a client with a website design and not get rejected.

How to present a client with a website design


This shouldn’t take long.

You, just like countless other web designers, sat through countless courses and created numerous web pages. You are more than ready, and yet, there’s this one thing courses rarely mention — a way to present your client with the design. What do you do?

Many people do it the easiest way: they just send everything by email. Why not? It’s easy and convenient.

Wait a minute. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill task — you’re presenting a whole website. It’s a big deal. You’ve spent a lot of time on it. 

Your job as a developer is over. Now it’s time to try on your showman hat.

Call your client. Set up a meeting — either IRL or virtual. Open your website on your laptop, share your screen and start explaining every minute detail. What makes this design stand out? What made you do it like that? 

Chances are, your fantastic design (hey, we believe you) won’t wow a client. It happens. Clients, you know. So, instead of getting protective or worse, start listening to them. Look at their reaction, and offer new solutions. Feedback is good.

And after your clients share their views, make the needed changes and send the file. 

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