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How To Use Google Like A Master

How To Use Google Like A Master

We all know Google: you type your query and get a list of links. But the search engine has a lot of neat features you might not know about. Here’s how you can use Google like a master.

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How to use Google like a master

Using Google is important for every developer who might need tips, tutorials, and just some plain old inspiration. The search engine is not standing still and continues to add new features, but some of the best tips one can give haven’t changed in years.

 So, here are some commands you can use:

  • Quotation marks. Just use quotes to find the exact word or phrase you need. “Like this”
  • Don’t want a certain website in the results? use: “-site:Twitter” to filter them out. (“-inurl:twitter” also helps”)
  • Filetype. Just type the filetype to get what you need: “ebook filetype:epub”
  • Dashes. Want something but without the other? Use dashes. Like this: penguins-Pittsburgh.
  • Tilde (~) lets you get synonyms in the search results. 
  • Two periods can help you get to express a range of things, like dates. “shows1990..2010”
  • If location matters, use the location command: “web design location:NYC”
  • Use “site:” to find things on a certain site. “”
  • Use the vertical bar as an “Or”. Like: “Amazon|BestBuy”

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