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How To Write Emails That Convert

How To Write Emails That Convert

You like writing. You feel positive about emails. Looks like creating a converting email should be a breeze, right? Not quite. Even though it sounds simple, writing a copy that converts is much more complicated. Today we’ll try to help. So, here’s how to write emails that convert.

How to write emails that convert

Every email starts with a subject line, and yours should kill. Why? Because no one wants to read your email. Hey, don’t feel bad; it’s just how it is. Do you read every single one? Nobody has the time. But with an enticing title, an email becomes a lot harder to ignore. So, start thinking about what to write to make your email seem worthy of your client’s time. 

Next, don’t forget that you’re not writing for a magazine. The rules are different on the internet, so keep your paragraphs concise, without overly fancy words. The text should be structured, logical, and filled with CTAs. Bullets are a great way of making the text as accessible as possible. You can even use emojis if your TA is appropriate. Also, try to ignore unnecessary exclamation marks and caps. 

Titles sell, but you know what else does? Preview text. In most modern clients, people see the start of an email without opening it. So if your subject line didn’t win them over, your preview text might. Once again, you must learn how to write short sentences that attract attention because preview texts are usually limited to 140 characters.

Remember when I mentioned emojis? They can help you convert, but only with the right audience. We’ve seen companies use emojis even in titles, but while it can be a good idea for a fresh startup, banks and insurance companies are not the right fit. Knowing your audience is critical.

And most important, remember how to write. People are tired of plastic-sounding copy that looks like it’s been written by AI. That means trying to avoid PR-speak and not overloading your texts with keywords. But don’t be boring: keep the tone light, and please, do everything to sound like a human. For some reason, it’s not easy for a lot of us.

Lastly, when writing marketing emails, you need to remember psychology. Make your offer seem extremely good with the help of a few tricks. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is an ancient trick, but it does work. Make it sound like your offer is too good to miss, and your client will do precisely what you want. Use CTAs and incorporate personal photos — we all need reminding that we’re speaking with a person and not some incorporeal selling spirit. Letting your readers know you is an excellent way of getting a reaction.

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