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How Web Design Started: A History Guide

how web design started

Web design is a vibrant business area today. It’s hard to imagine a website without a well-thought and developed web structure and appealing design. But even among professionals, only a few know how web design started. It is an industry with only about three decades of existence. Yet, these have been three event-rich and thrilling decades of lightning-fast development.

Interested in how web design started? Here we offer a detailed guide on the key events and milestones that will open the new shades of web design’s meaning for both experts and laypersons.

How Web Design Started: The Bright 1990s

It’s possible to answer the question about how web design started by referring back to the first website meant for the masses. It was the launch of CERN in 1991 that ushered the beginning of a new era, with that website using the basic HTML language for its layout.

This event was the first event in the bright history of web design, with the next prominent resource emerging only two years later. It was the first search engine named ALIWEB. The resource went further in design sophistication and included data categories together with greater color segmentation. The most exciting is that ALIWEB is still active, and by clicking on its results, you will get to the modern website of your choice with ease.

The Google Era

In 1998, the new era of web design started with the launch of the Google search engine. It followed a completely different web design compared to ALIWEB and used only one search tab for inputting the user’s inquiry. That design approach worked pretty well, leaving Google at the top of search engines’ ranking for almost 25 years to date.

Flash Animation

The 1990s also witnessed the emergence of Flash animation, which transformed the web fundamentally. The first years of Flash operation were cumbersome, with the need to install the Flash plugin as the necessary precondition for its operation. This requirement made Flash-based websites invisible to Google. However, the downsides were insignificant compared to how much Flash did for web design modernization and sophistication.

The Hilarious 2000s

The new millennium faced numerous web design innovations. It was the advent of social media and the introduction of CMSs for better content management and SEO. Since 2007, the world has started going increasingly mobile, and the trend persists until today.

So, here’s how web design started. As you can see, it has gone a long way to what it is now. Still, one thing is for sure – it has much more in store. Thus, it will surprise users with innovations and twists for many years to come.

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