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How Websites Make Money: The Basics

How Websites Make Money: The Basics

It’s hard to tell just how many websites are there, so let’s just say that it’s “a lot.” The reasons for their existence are different: some just want a personal page, some showcase their art, and some use them as a business opportunity. After all, there are many ways of generating revenue on the web. Today we’ll discuss how websites make money.

How websites make money for their owners


Web Traffic

A self-evident thing, but it’s always good to repeat it: your traffic is crucial. If you have a lot of visitors, it generates a ton of income opportunities. Finding visitors is the most important task, and that’s why everything from sound design to accessibility and SEO is important. Without the traffic, there will be no tangible ways for you to make money — that is one of the reasons why you can’t save on your website. Find a proven web design firm and ensure your site is up to all modern standards. Also, don’t forget about quality content — people must have a reason to visit your website. Only after you can think about the return on your investment.

Google AdSense

If your website has a decent number of visitors, you can start considering per-pay-click campaigns and Google AdSense. The latter allows you to post contextual ads on your website — an easy way of generating revenue. All you need is for your visitor to click on the ad.


The internet is a great place to start your business. AdSense is good, but it will never bring you serious money. Set up an eCommerce site, though, and soon you’ll be able to leave your job. What’s eCommerce? It’s an internet storefront where you can sell various goods to people worldwide. Developing such a site can be challenging as you’ll need to integrate payment methods and sort out the logistics.

Sponsored content

If you have a decently-sized website or a blog, you will start getting offers for sponsored content. For example, if you write about tech, various brands want you to write about their stuff. It’s a thin line between being authentic and well, a sell-out. But stay open about the nature of your content, and you’ll be fine.

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