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How You Can Manage Projects Easily — Our List Of Resources

How You Can Manage Projects Easily — Our List Of Resources

Managing website projects can be hectic, especially when you have a lot on your mind and no way of keeping track of things. Organization is key because otherwise, your site will end up a buggy mess. So, how can we manage projects? With the help of programs and web resources.

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How to manage projects

Before you even start working on a website, think about the workflow — especially if you have a team. Designing a website is not easy as there are many moving parts. At any time something can go wrong, and you have to know about it. There are different methods of organizing work, but today we’re focusing on the software side of things. Here are our most popular productivity apps.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is hardly the best, but it’s a favorite of too many folks to ignore. We still remember Wunderlist — the better-named app that Microsoft bought to create Microsoft To Do. Ironically, even though the deal went through in 2015, Microsoft To Do as of now still lags behind Wunderlist! And most of the other productivity apps, for that matter. Still, at least it is free, which is its most significant merit. It’s also available for every platform, from Android to Mac — and Windows, of course. And if you’re a loyal user of Microsoft’s desktop OS, you might want to hang in there — the company promises that sooner or later, its app will be fully integrated into Windows 11. It already works great with Outlook.


Now let’s talk about the big boys. Todoist is the most reputable task/project manager out there. There’s a free (and actually good) version, and an app for every platform. It’s suitable both for simple tasks and serious projects (you can even toggle the Trello board layout). There are plugins for Outlook and Gmail, natural language input, and the UI that can’t get better. For the best experience, you will have to pay, though.


Jira is one of the most powerful and popular project managers. Developed by Atlassian, who gave us Trello, it has more than enough features for anyone, but it’s especially good for software developers. I advise Jira if your team is particularly large. It’s still not perfect and a little unpolished, but its pricing is excellent. If only it could be more versatile.


Intuitive, simple UI, great customization, and a free account — Teamwork has a very fitting name as it’s probably the best tool for managing projects of any scale. Among its tools are invoicing and billing, a messaging app, and an interactive Gantt chart. In a way, it’s similar to Basecamp. It’s great for working together, but remember that working with PDF can be a hassle as there are no annotation options.

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