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It’s Time We Say No To Uninspired Copywriting

It’s Time We Say No To Uninspired Copywriting

The web is massive, and the web is everchanging. And yet the web seems more and more identical with every new year. We’ve seen designers (and users) complain about how everything is the same, but they always mean the design. But something is going on with uninspired copywriting, too.

It’s Time We Say No To Uninspired Copywriting

What makes a copy uninspired? Isn’t it too subjective? Yes and no. Over the last 30 years, the way we write on the web has been changing. First, we imitated the other media, and then people like me started doing something new. The web stopped being serious in tone, and most businesses adopted the overly happy style. What was new has become tired. 

Maybe it’s time we did something about it. Every website has more or less the same structure for a reason — accessibility, compatibility, and who knows what other -bility. The web has stopped being a place of garish creativity and has become standardized. Mostly it’s for the better (accessibility is something Web 1.0 definitely lacked), but change is inevitable.

More and more people started noticing that every website you visit nowadays has this peppy, bubblegum tone. When it was new, it was refreshing, but now it feels overdone. It’s not original anymore, and what was once used to sound different now sounds almost corporate. 

It’s time we changed the record and did something new. How about speaking… like people? Forget the happy tone; try being more meta. Anticipate your reader’s reaction. Utilize humor, and stop this flood of happy lingo. 

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