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Key Phases of Business Website Development

business website development

Who doesn’t want a website that sells? As a matter of fact, everyone wants it because it is one of the main factors for business growth and success these days. Nevertheless, if you want to build a responsive and effective business website, you are going to have a bunch of milestones on your way. Business website development consists of some key phases that you have to know for creating a workable strategy. Continue reading if you want to find out more about them and their gradual implementation.

Key phases of business website development

1. Mapping the future

A business website is a many-component project that requires a great deal of thinking. This is a phase where you should ask yourself three basic questions: What is the purpose of my website? What are my goals and objectives? Who is my client?

2. Planning

The next phase is planning. Based on how you imagine your future business website, you create a sitemap, which is the representation of the site’s inner structure. With the sitemap, you can establish a connection between web pages and make sure navigation and site hierarchy are well-organized.

3. Web design & development

Web design & development are both integral milestones for business website development. Technically, they are core processes standing behind a visual representation of your web project. Furthermore, it’s a good chance to see how seamless your website works, and whether everything looks as it was planned.

4. Content

Content is critical for user experience and SEO web design. In a best-case scenario, content must be provided during or even before coding a website (web development). Content management implies work with text, including writing unique articles, headlines, slogans, and taglines. If done properly, it greatly enhances the brand image of your business company.

5. Testing & Launch

Before launch, a site should be heavily tested for about some time. Broken links, script typos, integration issues, spelling mistakes, distorted images, and many more problems can have a catastrophic effect. That’s why it is vitally important to run as many tests as possible.

6. Maintenance

Even if the business website development pans out, the site still needs updating. After all, you never know what technical problems will pop out in the future. For these reasons, be sure to work with steadfast business web developers and designers who will be monitoring your site and fixing all the errors on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions regarding business website development, do not hesitate to contact Beluga Lab, a team of reliable business web design & development professionals. We will be happy to help!

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