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Make Your Site Design Stellar with These Photo Editing Apps

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How can a site design succeed without impressive imagery? Unfortunately, it is impossible to conquer the visitors only with interesting texts and CTAs. People’s brain reacts quicker to the colors and images it sees; you have only a couple of seconds to grab your users’ attention when they first come to your resource. So, using perfectly edited images is a good strategy for attracting and keeping newcomers interested.

What Photo Editors Can Simplify Site Design?

Here is a selection of great photo editing apps for Mac to help you achieve the wow effect with visuals in site design.

Adobe Photoshop

Though there are tons of user-friendlier and cheaper photo editing tools today, Photoshop remains the gold standard of visual editing. It was the indisputable leader in site design in the 1990s, with no competitors in the market. Now, it is popular among editors because of the endless range of possibilities and tools it offers. Whatever you need to do – Photoshop has it.

However, it’s not recommended for quick, slight edits, as it’s resource-intensive and runs slow on low-capacity computers. So, don’t overuse it when the task is simple and doesn’t require so much effort.


Photoshop is good for extensive artistic work for site design, and Lightroom will fit any other task. It has a broad set of tools for balancing color, tone, and adding contrast to visuals in just a couple of clicks. The best about the app is the ability to create a set of edit settings called a preset and then apply these presets to different images.

Affinity Photo

Another pocket-friendly alternative to Photoshop is Affinity Photo. This editor contains all tools for impeccable site design and works with PSD files. It takes time to master the techniques of HDR merge, panorama stitch, or layering, but the overall user experience is positive among professional editors. It’s an advanced variant that fans of minor edits will hardly appreciate, but the solution is great for professional design agencies seeking more affordable expert-level editing software.


Fans of innovation in the photo editing sphere and site design will surely enjoy Luminar – an AI-enabled tool for one-click smart editing of images. The benefit of Luminar is its exceptional suitability for newbies in this field. Besides, editing with Luminar indeed creates fantastic, realistic effects, like a cloudy sky changing to a bright sun-lit blue sky or smart enhancement of skin and portrait features. However, it won’t fit people who want control over editing settings; it’s a plug-and-play editor with no customization.

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