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Making a Creative Website in 2022

creative website

Creativity and originality are still in vogue, and you can attract many loyal users to your resource if you’re inventive enough in web design. Having a creative website is not mainstream, but overall, you have much higher chances to build a tribe around your unique brand, getting much more than mass-oriented websites do. Here is our ultimate guide to what it takes to make a creative website in 2022.

Top 4 Features of a Creative Website

Here are some specific methods and approaches to giving your web resource a creative touch. No need to include them all into your UI; it’s enough to stick to one option and use it to differentiate your web resource in the overcrowded digital space.

#1 Mini-Sites

There’s nothing cuter than an experimental creative website showcasing the designer’s unique vision. It can be dedicated literally to anything, with no practical utility in terms of conversion or customer retention. Still, such web resources gain a special place in the users’ hearts as they are a treat to look at. So, you can use such websites as a part of your portfolio or dedicate mini-sites to specific innovative products.

#2 Puzzles and Quests

People adore mysteries and like to play the role of a detective. So, give them this opportunity on your website! Your resource is sure to be remembered and recommended to friends. There are numerous ways to add the detective story’s fleur to your UI. For instance, you can offer code deciphering to your visitors, ask them to draw a shape, find a concealed clickable element on a webpage to access some bonus, or progress through the navigation after solving a puzzle.

#3 One-page Design

Long reads still rule the world of web design, and your task is to make them elegant and informative. Don’t clutter that single page with loads of information. Make it good-looking, focused only on a couple of CTAs, responsive, and communicating your message and brand identity clearly.

#4 Impersonal Imagery

You’ll hardly find a modern creative website with many faces on its pages. It’s a trend to use fewer images in the hero sections, making the design more graphical or using cool illustrations. The meaning behind this change is that a hero’s face causes too much user distraction, while the absence of hero imagery draws the visitors to the website’s core messages more effectively.

Here you go with four fancy trends in developing a creative website in 2022. Good luck!

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