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Meet Safari Technology Preview 150. What New Features And Fixes Will It Bring?

Meet Safari Technology Preview 150. What New Features And Fixes Will It Bring?

Web developers sure care about their browsers, and among the most popular ones, Safari remains their most disliked one. Why? We actually covered this topic extensively, but to reiterate, it’s fast and quite good for a user. But it’s a major headache for a developer due to the slow nature of its updates. Today we are happy to see the release of Safari Technology Preview 150. It’s the experimental version of the Apple browser with all the new bells and whistles.

Safari Technology Preview 150

What do we think about Safari Technology Preview? As web developers, we have to keep track of all the changes Apple makes. Safari Technology Preview is the latest most advanced version of the popular browser, but it’s not the same. It acts as an alternative version, which works in parallel with “the real thing.” It allows developers like us to prepare the websites in advance and to use more advanced code. 

When macOS releases, it will feature Safari 16, which is a much-improved version with (finally!) support for web push notifications and Live Text for videos. Passkeys that will supposedly replace the usual passwords are exciting as well.

So, Safari Technology Preview 150 is here. Its purpose, as always, is to showcase and test future features, many of which were touted at the Apple event not that long ago. Most of the features are connected with the new macOS update that’s due sometime in the fall. 

So far, Safari Technology Preview 150 includes over 150 additions, most of them fixes. CSS, Shadow DOM, Web Inspector, JavaScript, WebAuthn, and Accessibility features are all expected to get major improvements, which is great news. The sad news though, is it’s only Safari Technology Preview — while it is freely available to all users, the majority don’t even know about its existence, so the new fixes are still yet to be implemented.

macOS Ventura features

Safari Technology Preview 150 is based on Safari 16. It comes with all the neat new features you might expect. Features like passkeys, Live Text, and extension improvements. Take notice that Technology Preview 150 will not work on Big Sur, as that version of the OS is becoming obsolete. 

Sadly, some of the touted features are still missing, such as Website Settings, Web Extensions, and Tab Groups. 

You can read the full release notes on the official Apple website. 

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