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Microsoft AI Experiment: Is Bing about to become a threat to Google?

Microsoft AI Experiment: Is Bing about to become a threat to Google?

We know what they say. Microsoft Bing is a joke. A costly joke. Microsoft’s take on the search engine is hardly new, but it’s still not even nearly as popular as Google. It makes sense: users don’t really have a reason to look for alternatives when Google works fine. But that’s about to change due to the Microsoft AI experiment that can unite Bing’s current functionality with the remarkable capabilities of ChatGPT.

Microsoft AI — the future of the web?

We’ve talked about Google a lot, and there’s a reason why almost every SEO-related article is concentrated on that search engine. If you want to succeed, you need to rank on Google. But Microsoft is a company of near-infinite resources, and it’s ready to integrate the most revolutionary technology in the history of the internet into its search engine.

Talks about Bing having ChatGPT functionality are not new — rumors have been flying around for months. But with every new day, we get more and more proof. And just today, Owen Yin from Twitter showcased how the system will work. Whether it’s real or not is up for debate, but with Microsoft investing a lot in OpenAI, it only makes sense to use the company’s flagship product to its advantage.

Bing needs a win. No matter how good it actually is (and it is pretty decent), it needs a PR win. Even now, the free ChatGPT version, in many ways, offers a better way to find answers to queries than Google. And with this technology integrated into search, literally everything will change. It will change the way people look for information and completely destroy modern SEO as we know it. Think of it: with ChatGPT being able to provide you with an answer to any question instantaneously, will there ever be a reason to open the search results?

Right now, ChatGPT is limited in scope. It only knows about things before 2021 and makes a lot of factual errors. But its potential is so vast that it can give Bing that long-awaited push. We know that Google is working on its own AI solution, but how long will that take?

Bing is about to become relevant for the first time. And we should be ready for it.

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