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Most Common Misconceptions about Responsive Website Design Services

responsive website design services

Responsive web design (RWD) is a big boon and, beyond any doubt, a modern-day blessing for everyone who wants to start their websites and ride high. If you are eager to work with professional responsive web designers, you are on the right track because this is what the current market wants from you. There are lots of reasons why you should go for responsive website design services, and yet it’s better to be clearheaded about what responsiveness is and what it is not. It’s time to dispel the most common misconceptions about responsive design, which might lead you astray.

Most common misconceptions about responsive website design services

RWD is only for mobile web design

When people are talking about responsive site design, they may mistakenly think about mobile web design only. Well, RWD is really associated with it, but it’s definitely not only about that. The reason is that “being responsive” means providing a decent user experience on any platform simultaneously, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a 55-inch TV.

Responsive website design services are very expensive

Let’s clear this up. Price is essential when you want to hire a responsive web design agency, but it doesn’t mean that it will cost you an arm and a leg. Not going to lie, such services are more expensive, but there are many solid reasons for that. The difference, though, is not significant.

It’s never late to turn your website to responsive

It’s a well-known fact that responsive design is one of the fastest-growing web design trends. However, only a relatively small part of the Internet is now responsive, but things are likely to change soon, so don’t wait too long!

RWD increases the page loading speed

It does, but it’s not alone in this. To make web pages load faster, you need more than just responsive website design services. For example, it’s required to implement web acceleration techniques so that your strategy will work as it should.

It’s perfect!

No, it’s not. Unfortunately, responsive website design is not for everyone and definitely not for every platform. It doesn’t let you create the best layouts either. Responsive website design services are a superb choice only when wielded correctly. For example, if you aim for an ecommerce web design, RWD is not always the best choice.

Now, you’ve got a clearer picture of what responsive web design is capable of. If you are at a crossroads whether you need RWD or not, Beluga Lab will gladly answer all your questions and help you with your project!

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