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Most Secure Web Browser: Our Picks

Most Secure Web Browser: Our Picks

Nowadays browsing the web is not only about convenience, but, first of all, about privacy. Most popular programs for surfing the web are lacking in security, allowing ad companies to access browsing histories. Browsing fingerprinting (the process of collecting data about the way you access the web) is also a problem. But how to stay safe? By ditching your browser and choosing the one that cares about privacy. Let’s take a look at what is considered the most secure web browser.

Most secure web browser: top 4 choices


Mozilla Firefox

Generally considered “the best of the rest,”, Firefox has always been popular among the more knowledgeable public. It’s not only a great multi-platform browser, but also a very secure one. Its developers often talk about improving tracking prevention, and Enhanced Tracking Protection is one of its best features. 

If you’re on mobile, take notice of Firefox Focus for iOS and Android. 

We think that Mozilla Firefox has everything to be considered one of the best browsers overall. Enhanced Tracking Protection, lots of users, transparency when it comes to commercial goals — it has a lot going for it. 


The whole Brave’s idea is being secure. And unlike Firefox, it’s Chromium-based, which guarantees it 100% compatibility with modern websites and Chrome extensions. 

For Brave, privacy is paramount: it even launched its own version of Google Search, but privacy-oriented. 

The browser is not perfect: in the past, it had its share of blemishes. But studies did name it the most secure browser. Despite being based on Chromium, Brave lacks a lot of Google’s code, and it doesn’t participate in the traditional ad businesses. It’s also a neat browser by itself, quite fast and convenient to use.


Want to find something without Google knowing about it? Take a look at DuckDuckGo. 

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-oriented search engine, and only later it appeared as a browser as well. It’s one of the most well-known supporters of privacy, and its popularity impressed many. You can install DuckDuckGo extension on Chrome or Firefox, but it won’t be as secure as a browser. Unfortunately, there’s no separate browser for desktop computers, but you can download an app on mobile. 


If you truly care about privacy, you already have Tor browser installed on your machine. It’s even more privacy-obsessed than Brave, and even opens you the access to Deep Web. 

Tor is based on Firefox, which already is a plus. It’s very secure, blocking all scripts and never saving anything after you’ve closed it — no cookies or passwords. And it’s virtually impossible to track your actions thanks to Tor’s network. Tor is perfect in that sense, but as a browser it’s miles behind its competitors: it’s slow, and so overzealous when it comes to blocking scrips, that it often breaks whole websites. 

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