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Multi-Language Website: Yes Or No?

Multi-Language Website

You might think that your website doesn’t need another language — after all, most modern browsers can automatically translate any web page. But think again: you might be losing a considerable chunk of your potential audience. You might think your business is big enough, but having a multi-language website can transform it into an international behemoth. There are other reasons as well. So, why would you need a multi-language website?

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Be the first to reach new audiences

The era of recession is upon us, and now more than ever, you need to think about ways of getting ahead of the competition. Take a look at your competitors’ sites: how many of them have more than one language version? Be the first to act, and you’ll find a whole new audience. Don’t forget that less than 30% of internet users speak English! Even in the US, Spanish is becoming more and more widespread.

Increase your reputation

Sometimes — quite often, in fact — having a multi-language website is beneficial, even if among the non-targeted audience. It gives makes you look more reputable, bigger than you might be. Customers like trusting a global brand, and multiple language versions will immediately increase your reputation.

SEO optimization

No matter how much you pay for ads, you won’t be successful in other countries until you translate your website. And we mean the whole site, including metadata and subdomains. That not only helps you win over the foreign consumers but also rank higher in the search engine results page.

Improve conversion rates

Stats don’t lie: over 70% of people will abandon websites they can’t fully comprehend. Even those who know English prefer to use sites in their native language. That’s why the bounce rate may be so high — there are a lot more non-English speakers out there than you might think. Maybe you target only local users, but why not aim higher? Going multilingual will allow you to drastically improve your conversion rate — and act as a cheaper form of marketing.

It’s easier than you might think

While previously making a truly international website was a daunting task, now it’s quite easy. In fact, most CMS support it. Some services can automatically translate any site for you. The options are endless; it’s not as hard as you might think.

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