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New D2C Trends in Web Design and Ecommerce

web design and ecommerce

Direct sales to customer (D2C) are the new mode of doing things in the 2022 online market. Thus, web design and ecommerce are to follow the D2C lead and transform their ways of doing things. If you’re a web design and ecommerce company helping clients reach out to their customers, it’s time to incorporate the D2C agenda into your design solutions. Here’s how you can do this.

D2C: Challenge for Web Design and Ecommerce

The D2C model of ecommerce has been here for several years already. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its adoption, with millions of people preferring direct contact with their favorite brands. The benefit of D2C is bridging the gap between customers and brands, and here’s how you can achieve this with web design and ecommerce.

#1 Design for Omnichannel D2C Experiences

Customers are continually on the go today, and your task is to reach them whenever and wherever possible. This goal is best achieved by means of omnichannel D2C delivery. The latter maximizes your outreach and increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Omnichannel presence increases customer engagement threefold, which is a good goal to attain.

#2 Increase Personalization

Advanced personalization is the new normal in modern web design and ecommerce. Thus, ignoring this trend is business suicide. Customers are more demanding of personalization today, so it’s time to transition from calling your client by name to creating products and services specifically fitted to client preferences.

#3 Introduce Subscriptions

Subscription-based purchases are not only about SaaS. Today, companies have become savvy enough to offer a great spectrum of subscriptions. Thus, you can now buy a subscription for food boxes, pet toys, organic body care products, etc. The sky is the limit to your creativity in this strategy, and the benefit will be evident in greater customer engagement. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised with each new box, familiarizing themselves with your brand and growing more loyal to it.

#4 Explore the Potential of Headless Technology

Convenience has firmly entered web design and ecommerce. Headless technology is what makes the use of ecommerce software even more comfortable. With headless solutions, you may not depend on concrete code or CMS, plugging a ready-made back-end platform to the front-end UI of your liking. This flexibility is expected to simplify new entries to ecommerce, helping newbies succeed in this harsh and competitive market.

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