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New Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Google Business Profile

New Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Google Business Profile

Making websites is not easy. SEO is not easy. Google services are overwhelming. There’s so much to keep track of that you’re bound to forget something, and a lot of business owners have been neglecting Google Business Profile for that same reason. At the end of 2022, you’ve got another reason to stop procrastinating and sort it out. There are new reasons why you can’t ignore Google Business Profile.

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New reasons why you can’t ignore Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is handy: it allows business owners to officially register to have better control over their company’s profile on Google. It’s especially handy for local businesses that rely a lot on Google Maps to find new customers.

We already mentioned Google Business Profile before, imploring you to find the time to claim ownership. And now a couple of sources started mentioning fake ownership requests; apparently, it’s a new fad. Google gets hundreds of fake requests from people who have no relation to business. Sometimes, especially if a business has not been claimed, they succeed.

Remember: people who gain access to your profile can completely hijack it, removing your website from SERP, changing your contact information, etc. It’s potentially catastrophic.

Fraud is nothing new, but it’s always important to stay vigilant. Fraudsters always try new tactics, and now that they have targeted Google Business Profile, you have to act fast. Remember: never allow anyone to access your profile unless you are 100% sure it’s people you know.

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