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New Web Design Trends 2020

new web design trends 2020

New trends emerge within the website design & development industry every year. 2019 was the year of large navigations, monochromatic color scheme, and retro design aesthetic. 2018 was marked by the abundant use of integrated animations, custom illustrations, and particle backgrounds. 2017 was the year of more tactile designs and super simple homepages, and so on back in time. Are all of these ever-changing trends really important? Well, they are. Using innovative technologies and styles in the web design is one of those things that can help keep your website relevant and allow your business to remain competitive. Now, let’s take a look at some of the hottest new web design trends 2020.

New Web Design Trends 2020

1. Minimalist navigation

The idea of having more videos and large-scale photos and less text in web design is one of the hottest this year. Such simplistic design and minimalist navigation take away much of the difficulty in usability, which is increasingly important due to the rise of smartwatches and other wearable devices.

2. Wide frames of white space

White space has already been used by web designers for some time, but this year it is a whole new web design trend that is worth your attention. Wide frames of white space are used to give the design stability and more structure, thus providing users with an elegant experience and grabbing their attention to visuals.

3. Mix of graphics and photography

Customized imagery is ideal for those who love unique designs and want to deliver a certain message. Real photographs of products or people, overlapped or mixed with original graphics, add more personality to the website and support branding.

4. 3D visuals

3D visuals and effects are another hot web design trend that works well for a variety of different site options, from product identification and shopping to game-style interfaces. 3D design breaks the boundaries between reality and digital space, making users want to touch the elements and encouraging them to stay longer on the website.

5. Dark mode

One more new web design trend that is gaining popularity this year is dark mode. Dark themes and backgrounds improve the visibility, making design elements and colors pop. Moreover, they reduce eye strain and fatigue. And yes, dark mode looks super cool and polished.

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