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No-Code Development: Is It Possible To Become A Web Developer Without Technical Knowledge?

No-Code Development: Is It Possible To Become A Web Developer Without Technical Knowledge?

You love design; you love the web. It seems like you’re destined to become a web designer, but… the words like HTML and CSS scare you. The technical side of things has never been your forte, and the thought of learning how to code makes your insides crawl. Worry not: the future seems utterly devoid of code —  thanks to no-code development. And what is it exactly?

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No-code development is taking off

Every web designer must know everything there is to know about HTML and the way the web operates. Writing code is paramount for understanding the internet, and yet, surprisingly, this massive layer of knowledge matters very little to your potential clients. Sure, they respect well-versed developers, but to them, the only thing that matters is the end result. They don’t care how the work is done.

The quest for a codeless future began soon after the internet had become mainstream. The WYSIWYG editors, offering Photoshop-like experience to those who had never coded in their life, took off thanks to the advance of programs like Macromedia Dreamweaver. And yet, the products of those programs were never professional enough, their code “dirty” and all over the place. But the quest continued with the appearance of tools like Wix, Webflow, Bubble, and SquareSpace. The template-based web really took off, with millions of entrepreneurs being able to finally build their websites on their own — and cheaply, too.

Is it possible to become a pro without learning code? Possible, but pretty soon, you’ll find your limits. Every designer wants to evolve and change, and without at least some knowledge of HTML or Java, you’ll never be able to grow. But do you want to? The veterans might scoff, but truth be told, no-code websites are getting better and better. Is code essential? Not anymore. But it’s still valuable to those willing to go above and beyond. And those are usually found at the very top.

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