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Not Another Empty New Year’s Resolution

Ok you gotta start somewhere right? This will be our very 1st blog post. I know I know we are a web company so we are supposed to stay on top of these things but it’s a classic shoemaker without shoes story – you focus on client work and rarely have the time to do anything for yourself.

So this is our first New Year’s resolution – no more delays and procrastination we will post a minimum of 2 blog posts per month going forward.

Resolution number two – we are not going to do a lame, boring, corporate blog that no one reads and everyone hopes will be an SEO booster. We will write things that people want to read – challenges that web companies face and ways to overcome them, what tools we use in our work and their effectiveness, how to tutorials and helpful tips, new trends and new technology, ideas on how to run a more effective company and how to work smarter.

Resolution number three – we will encourage comments, networking and outreach. We want to share useful information and build a following by providing relevant and necessary information.

It’s time to get serious for 2020, looking forward to it!

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