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NYC WordPress Agency: Pros and Cons

NYC WordPress agency

Once you start a new web project, you need to choose the CMS that will lay the basis for all its operations and functions. The top choice among developers worldwide today is WordPress – a simple and developer-friendly CMS with many appealing features. Here is a quick guide to why choosing an NYC WordPress agency can be a good idea and what you should consider when making a choice.

What Can an NYC WordPress Agency Do for You?

First, let’s start with the benefits of hiring an NYC WordPress agency for your digital resource creation. The pluses of WordPress use are numerous.

#1 Free, Open-Source Software

WordPress currently powers over 60% of websites worldwide, which means that it’s truly popular. One of the reasons for such demand is 100% free software that any coder can use without a problem. Thousands of developers create free and paid WordPress plugins to make the use of WP even more pleasant.

#2 Universal Application

WordPress is a flexible CMS that fits virtually any digital product. It can be a personal portfolio, an e-shop, a forum, or an online course. Anything you want is possible with WP themes and customized plugins.

#3 Developer- and User-Friendly

Using WordPress doesn’t require any extensive education and onboarding, as its code is simple and user-friendly. You can quickly manage the WD logic and functionality as a developer, creating stunning websites for any purpose. Even people with minimal coding knowledge can use WP tools to create websites.

#4 Variety of Extensions

Ask your NYC WordPress agency about the variety of available extensions, and you will be surprised to see the answer. The UI and functions of your website can be easily personalized via a well-selected mix of extensions and plugins, which is easy for any experienced developer.

#5 A Vibrant Community

You should never worry about your website’s maintenance because any NYC WordPress agency has specialists with expertise in WP. Even if they face a serious bug or problem with your web resource, they can always turn to a large and active WP community of fellow developers. This community provides support, troubleshooting advice, and tons of learning resources to make WP use easier day by day.

The Cons of Using WordPress

Besides the pros, we need to consider the cons for the sake of objectivity. WordPress is not a good idea for a large-scale website requiring much customization and demanding top-notch security (e.g., a banking platform or a large marketplace). Such projects require code-writing from scratch, which is not possible with WordPress.

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