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Our Favorite Advent Calendars for Web Developers

Our Favorite Advent Calendars for Web Developers

Do you hear that? Sounds like a Christmas song. Those have been appearing everywhere around us since the end of November. Such are the times, and it’s useless to resist. Instead, let’s cultivate some of that Christmas spirit to better ourselves. Today we are discussing our favorite advent calendars for web developers.

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Our Favorite Advent Calendars for Web Developers


First of all, what even are advent calendars for web developers? Basically, it means a certain way to get bite-sized information every day. It’s fun and informative, and there are a lot of resources for you to check out.

Manuel Matuzović’s HTMHell Advent Calendar

In 2021, Manuel Matuzović decided to experiment with releasing short articles about HTML from authors all over the world. People loved it, and now it’s one of the best ways to learn every day.

WPMarmite’s Advent Calendar

WordPress is life for millions of developers, Beluga included. WPMarmite’s Advent Calendar on Twitter shares new information about the most popular CMS every day. Hurry up before Twitter goes kaput!

Lean UXmas

Smart name, great info. Lean UXmas has been going strong for years; when it comes to UX knowledge, it’s one of the best such calendars.

It’s A Shape Christmas

It’s A Shape Christmas is all about… shapes. More precisely, it’s about the best illustrations of the year, presented by the UK agency Made by Shade.

24 Days in December

24 Days in December tells fascinating stories about PHP. It’s a motherlode of interesting content and a great way to say goodbye to 2022. You can find the calendar on Twitter.

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