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Personal Website Ideas: Learning from the Best

Personal Website Ideas: Learning from the Best

We’ve talked a lot about the tools of the job. By now, you know how and where to create the perfect site, but one important thing is as important as your skills: inspiration. Today we are taking a look at some of the best examples that will help you with your personal website ideas.

Personal Website Ideas: Learning from the Best

One thing about personal websites: the personal part means you have all the control. No clients, no limits. Make it as crazy and wild as you can — or not, your choice. But it’s your site, and you’re setting the rules. You decide the tools and the concept. When seeking advice on the best web development tools in forums, the responses may vary. Some recommend simple tools like Jekyll, while others suggest more complex options like React/NextJS. Ultimately, the choice depends on how much time you are willing to invest in building your website.

That being said, let’s begin.

This might sound strange, but is both amazing and awful, depending on what it wants to achieve. From the accessibility point of view, it’s a nightmare. It’s created to simulate the Linux environment and is pretty incomprehensible for the average Joe. Bust as a demo? Amazing. People will be talking, and no one will forget it.

Who even needs websites when you have games? Maybe that was the thought process for Bruno Simon, a creative developer from Paris. Instead of the usual web page, he created a mini game with a car. Smash into things and in the process, learn more about his work. Ingenious, really. The website is a good example of how to use modern technologies to create a well-designed and user-friendly website.

Something similar, but even more impressive. This page has been around for years, becoming lighter and faster, and now, it’s a perfect example of creative design. For his recreation of a computer OS, the author used React/NextJS, and since it’s open source, you can learn more about it here.

And now to something less gimmicky. Sometimes you need to leave a good impression while remaining professional. The page utilizes bold typography, vibrant colors, and dynamic animations to create an engaging and contemporary appearance. It presents a clear and concise introduction of the author and their work, with relevant links to their projects, writings, and social media accounts. The author effectively showcases their design process, skills, and project outcomes through utilizing screenshots, videos, and testimonials.

Clients want slick, and there’s barely any sleeker personal page than Robb’s website is well-designed, efficient, and gracefully executed. It has thoughtful interactions and animations. It is a well-designed and developed portfolio site showcasing his creative developer work. The site is built on a JAMstack architecture, which makes it fast, secure, and reliable. The design is clean and minimal, focusing on typography and whitespace. The site is easy to navigate and provides clear information about Robb’s skills and experience. The site also includes a blog where Robb shares his web development and design thoughts.

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